What We Do

Helping talented individuals develop their careers in oil and gas is an inspiring experience. At Warren Business Consulting we do this with an extensive suite of management training services for the upstream oil and gas industry. Our courses enable managers to take on leadership responsibilities by giving them a strategic perspective on the industry.

The oil business appears to be recovering from the tough times of the past few years, and there will now be opportunities for individuals to build their careers and take on new responsibilities in a fast moving and fast changing sector. It’s clear that greater understanding of the whole value chain is required as a more collaborative approach to work is required. Managers need the ability to work easily across functions and regions, rather than simply operating in a narrow technical field. Taking on leadership roles means understanding “the bigger picture”, thinking strategically and inspiring innovation.

The idea of lifelong learning is well-established and our goal is to provide individuals with management training through the various stages of their careers in oil and gas. Our programmes cover several different disciplines, and all are designed to improve decision-making and enable managers to take on greater responsibilities with confidence.

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