WBC – Mindscape Announcement

WBC – Mindscape:  a new partnership to help the energy sector address skills issues around the new digital technologies

“Just about all of the digital projects in oil & gas companies today are underperforming.”  Bain, alongside Deloitte, Accenture, McKinsey and other commentators have been blunt in highlighting the challenges faced by the energy industry in applying digital technology to their operations. WBC’s own research, through a series of interviews with industry experts, indicates that a lack of the right skills is at the heart of this problem.

The issue is not just one of in-house capability: the threat is also external, with tech firms such as Google entering the market with plans to disrupt it and new entrants using technology to accelerate progress in renewables. The pace of change increases every day and the potential for disruption is huge. Energy companies have to embrace the change and help it to happen, or risk losing significant competitive advantage.

Our interviews revealed that energy companies struggle to get to grips with the strategic, technology and people aspects of the coming change.  Indeed, countless studies have shown that many investments so far have not generated the expected benefits.

And yet the impact on the sector could be enormous. Potential applications cover everything from planning and seismic analysis to remote production with autonomous vehicles. Google, working with Total, are planning to apply AI to seismic data to reduce interpretation times from 12 months to 2 months.

The benefits realised by those successfully implementing new digital technologies include:

  • Improved safety performance through better collaboration
  • Faster and better decision making
  • Faster first oil and gas production
  • Better asset management
  • Lower risk & lower costs
  • Greater efficiency

To address the skills gap, WBC and Mindscape Tech a leading provider of business-focused technology staff, have announced a partnership to help the energy sector develop the management capabilities to reap the benefits of digital technology. Much of the problem lies in a mutual lack of understanding between the worlds of technology and of energy generation. By bringing together the industry knowledge of WBC and the technology expertise of Mindscape Tech we have created a programme that will bridge the gap between the two sides.

Focusing on the business aspects of digital technologies, the new programme, designed and developed by WBC – Mindscape Tech, is a natural addition to WBC’s offering as we help to develop the management and leadership capabilities the sector will need for a rapidly changing future.

Further information:  training@warrenbusinessconsulting.com

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