WBC Delivers First Course in Lebanon

WBC delivered its first course in Lebanon at the end of April 2018.. The “Introduction to the O&G Industry”, a 2 day training programme delivered by Angus Warren in Beirut, is the first course in Lebanon of its kind.  It signals growing interest in the sector following the award of two blocks to consortia led by Total of France.  The course was presented to a group that included participants from local banks, service companies, the Lebanese Petroleum Administration and NGOs.

After several false starts the O&G industry is  now well and truly established in Lebanon with Total’s first exploration well planned for 2019.  Given the recent exploration success in surrounding countries in the Eastern Mediterranean , it was no surprise that delegates were keen to find out more about the opportunities for local service companies and for local employment.  Being the first course in Lebanon an overview of the industry was initially presented quickly followed by the strategic and operational considerations of senior executives in the business.

Interactive case studies gave delegates deep insights into how to create value and to run an E&P business. They then had the opportunity to apply the techniques and models learned in various group exercises and presentations, most notable of which were group excellent presentations on the business models for shale oil, integrated companies and exploration companies.

There was much discussion of the opportunities presented by the industry for local service companies.  Local oil and gas expert Abboud Zahr of Solutions, led a lively discussions of the types of services Total will need at the exploration phase and how local companies can get involved.  The Lebanese governments Exploration and Production Agreement has stipulated a high level of local content for projects.

Participants commented:

“A better understanding of the oil and gas sector – especially risks.”

“This course has provided me with the material and know-how to address a project related to the field.”

“Improve my understanding of the sector and helps me to understand more how the sector works.”

“Now I have comprehensive knowledge of the industry and its dynamics.”

“The course will definitely impact my job if they will discover oil and gas in Lebanon.”

“The course will allow me to be able to look and assess opportunities of potential business in oil and gas.”

The “Introduction to the O&G Industry” was presented by WBC in collaboration with local oil and gas expert Abboud Zahr of Soloution and DEP Partners.  We expect more programmes to follow WBC’s first course in Lebanon.  If you would like to find out more about oil & gas training with Warren Business Consulting, please email: training@warrenbusinessconsulting.com.

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