Warren Business Consulting to Provide Akfel Group with Training

Warren Business Consulting has been appointed by Akfel Group to provide “Negotiating Successful Gas and LNG Contracts” for its staff.  The 4 day programme will be held in Istanbul in September for Akfel staff from various departments, including Finance, Trading and Legal.

Warren Business Consulting’s associates Leigh Bolton and Yvonne Barton (from Holmwood Consulting) will design, develop and deliver the training programme, which cover the following topics:

Conventional & Unconventional Gas Overview

Commercialising Gas Reserves – Options

Gas Project Risks and Financing

Commercial Structure and Contracts

Gas Market Sectors and Value

LT Pipeline Gas Sales Contracts

Contract Pricing

Negotiating Sales Contracts

LT LNG Sales Contracts

Price Review

Contractual Disputes

LNG Import Regasification Terminals

Gas Trading Markets in USA and Europe

LNG Trading

Risk Management and Hedging


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