Virtual Solutions: Helping in an Uncertain World

We are in difficult times for everyone and we hope that you and your loved ones are well and will avoid the worst.  At WBC we have been thinking of ways we can help you to navigate your way forward.  Below you will see that we have put together a new tool-kit for working in the new reality.  All of these initiatives are virtual solutions, delivered remotely in easily managed bite-sized chunks.


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A.  FREE webinar:  Introduction to Virtual Work.  A short webinar to help you to prepare for working away from the office.  Get the basics right and set yourself up for success with these guidelines.

B.  FREE access to the WBC Network.  These are challenging times for everyone and now more than ever it’s important to share experiences and learnings. Several thousand energy sector professionals receive our newsletters and many will be keen to share ideas. If you would like to discuss a work issue with a peer in the industry, let us know and we will try to make an introduction.   WBC will help to maintain and coordinate the flow of ideas.

C.  Virtual Workshop on the World of Virtual Work.  A short series of virtual workshops for you and your colleagues with practical help on getting the most out of working remotely:

  • World of Virtual Work 1:  Working Essentials – keeping well, keeping connected and keeping engaged.
  • World of Virtual Work 2:  Team Working Essentials – maintaining a team with your remote colleagues.
  • World of Virtual Work 3:  Management Essentials – what needs to change, how to coach remotely.
  • World of Virtual Work 4:  Courageous  Conversations – appraisals and giving performance feedback.

D.  Virtual Workshop on Managing Stress and Pressure.  In times of rapid change and uncertainty it’s important we remind ourselves of the tools and techniques for managing stress.  We will cover aspects such as work-life balance; finding joy in work; recognising stress triggers; relaxation techniques; and managing your boss in a virtual world.

E.  Virtual Workshop on Crisis Management. Good Crisis Management requires clarity of purpose and strong corporate structures with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.  WBC offers best practice ’thought leadership’ on how to survive and flourish during times of hardship.

F.  Virtual Consulting on Managing the New Reality.  Extended periods of working from home and working virtually with colleagues can introduce unforeseen stresses and strains into your company.  WBC will work with you and your company to identify and implement customised opportunities to maintain corporate culture; maintain employee engagement and to improve communications.

G.  Virtual Coaching:  coaching for managers and executives to help you understand what you need to do, make plans and implement.  This could take the form of follow up to the above webinars to help you to embed the leanings.

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