Training for Energy Logistics and Kelkan Contracting in Sulaymaniyah

Staff of Energy Logistics and Kelkan Contracting took part in the “Bidding to Win” training course in Sulaymaniyah at the end of February.  Warren Business Consulting’s associate Alain Desiderato presented the established sales methodology which is applicable throughout the sales cycle, from lead identification to bidding and negotiation.

Delegates gather for a group photo

Delegates gather for a group photo

The programme was highly interactive with lively debate and discussion.  Presentations were complimented by case studies, group work and exercises.  By applying the course concepts and techniques, successfully used by sales professionals around the world, Energy Logistics and Kelkan Contracting will improve their success ratios, operating margins, as well as its customer satisfaction.

One of the participants commented:

““This will be very good for our company as we realised all the things we do right and all the things we lack or need to improve.””

 Attendee evaluations of “Bidding to Win”:

Did this course meet your objectives?

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Would you recommend this course to your colleagues?

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Group work in "Bidding to Win"

Group work in “Bidding to Win”

Course director Alain Desiderato

Course director Alain Desiderato

Topics covered during the programme included:Sulaymaniyah Bidding to Win 21

The Front Game:  Managing

The Mid Game:  Bidding

The End Game:  Negotiating

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Sulaymaniyah Bidding to Win 12Sulaymaniyah Bidding to Win 15

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