Prospects for Oil and Gas in 2015 – Survey Results

Thank you to the 173 people who responded to this survey prospects for oil and gas in 2015. Respondents shared their views on what 2015 will mean for the upstream oil and gas industry and those who manage it.

All answers are kept anonymous and you can see the aggregate results below.  None of the data presented below is processed in any way.

Question 1:  Oil Price

Question 1


Question 2:  What will have the biggest impact on the oil price in 2015?

The highest possible score is 6 (i.e. all respondents rank highest) and the lowest 1 (i.e. all respondents rank lowest).

Question 2

Question 3:  Managers must have a range of skills and experience in order to succeed. In your opinion, what attributes should a senior manager have for a successful career in upstream oil and gas?

The highest possible score is 7 (i.e. all respondents rank highest) and the lowest 1 (i.e. all respondents rank lowest).

Question 3

Question 4:  Leadership skills.

Question 4

Question 5:  Thoughts on prospects in 2015

question 5

Question 6:  Do you have any other comments about prospects for 2015, the industry, or career development?

Open Answers Spreadsheet

Question 7:  Profile of respondents

Question 7


  1. What is interesting are the lack of comments on the potential impacts of governments accepting that policies need to support a maximum 2 degree centigrade rise in global warming. The consequence of this would be leaving 40% of known Hydrocarbon reserves in the ground and a curtailment of exploration. Will it happen – I don’t try and predict the future – but it is a scenario to think through. Every day there seem to be signals that it may be more likely to come about – the latest being UCL’s major study confirming the impact on Hydrocarbon reserves and institutional shareholders challenging BP on the sustainability of its E&P focus. Interesting times.

  2. perhaps the rather optimistic views presented are wishful thinking. I think we need to live with low oil prices in $40-60 range for a few years. If O&G companies can do this without too much re-structuring & shedding of resources, it may well suit the global economy & it may start to recover. After 2 -3 years perhaps a slow oil price rise would be welcome…

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