Oil and Gas Training Course in Istanbul – November

Delegates from Turkey and Norway gathered for the 5 Day MBA in Oil and Gas in Istanbul at the Movenpick Istanbul Hotel in November. This unigue training course has been delivered around the world for many years and had its first outing in Istanbul in 2012. It was delivered by Angus Warren.

The oil and gas training programme was highly interactive with lively debate and discussion on the global dynamics shaping the global oil and gas business today. Presentations were complimented by case studies, group work and exercises. The latest trends in the industry, including the impact of shale gas and shale oil, were also covered.

The following comments and course evaluations were provided by delegates:

“The programme is improve my business skills and my insudtry knowledge.”

“Will feel more comfortable when interfacing high level management and as well more confident when discussing the oil and gas industry with colleagues.”

“It is great course to attend.”

“It provided me a broad perspective about E&P.  I will especially use the decision making and portfolio management tools in my work.”

Did this course meet your objectives?

Score:1 = No, not at all;10 = Yes, fully


Would you recommend this course to your colleagues?

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The course was delivered by Angus Warren and the next Istanbul course will be held in early 2015. To view the brochure for the 5 Day MBA in Oil and Gas in Istanbul, please click here.

To register for the 5 Day MBA in Oil and Gas in Istanbul, please click here.


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