Oil and Gas Audit Training Course for TPDC

Staff of Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation, the national oil company of Tanzania, took part in the “Financial Auditing in Oil and Gas” training course in Dar es Salaam in February. Warren Business Consulting’s Geoff Killick presented the programme to build local oil and gas auditing capabilities within 24 of TPDC’s professional staff.

Tanzania Feb 2016 02 - FeaturedThe oil and gas training programme was highly interactive with lively debate and discussion, particularly around the differences in interpretation of contract clauses made by governments and international oil companies.  Presentations were complemented by case studies, group work and exercises. By applying the course concepts and knowledge, successfully used by oil and gas auditing professionals around the world, TPDC expects to gain efficiency and productivity improvements, and have a more motivated and effective staff.

Participants commented:

“The course has been very helpful, I think that as Internal Auditors we will have to review our audit methodology to take into account things like priority in cost recovery, Contracts audit just to mention a few.”

“Essential to enhance my duties.”

“Excellent because I learnt some new audit techniques which will be relevant in future audits.”

“The learned course shall have positive impact to my daily activities and career as well. ”

“This course will have a big impact in my daily work, as Tanzania discovered gas onshore and offshore – especially JV Agreements and JOAs.”

“The course has enhanced my skills and knowledge in PSA audit and Joint Venture audit in the upstream petroleum industry, hence it will have high impact at my workplace.”

Attendee evaluations of “Financial Auditing in Oil and Gas”:

Did this course meet your objectives?

Score:1 = No, not at all;10 = Yes, fully


Would you recommend this course to your colleagues?

Score:1 = No, never;10 = Yes, unreservedly



Topics covered during the programme included:

A background to the oil and gas industry for financial auditors; the government’s key role in the hydrocarbon industry; principles of auditing related to oil and gas activities; audit techniques; audit documentation and control;  joint venture auditing; auditing operator allocated and shared costs; auditing PSCs; and calculating the government’s entitlements.
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