Managing Risk in today’s Oil Business

Risk is everywhere in the oil business – geological, financial, political, environmental, commercial. With finances under pressure, managing and mitigating these risks becomes ever more important. But one of the challenges that oil and gas firms, and investors, face, is that the risks keep changing as you go through the exploration process. Not only do the risks change with every piece of new information, but different types of risk crop up at different stages.

Many of these risks require specialist knowledge – the expertise to handle them may sit in different parts of the organisation: but for the manager deciding whether to drill, invest or sell, it’s essential to understand them all and to know how to tackle them.

This is the subject of our new course, Managing Risk in Oil & Gas, running in London on November and elsewhere in 2016. We have gathered together three experts in the field, John Weston, Mark Tandy and Rob Marshall, to provide a unique and practical insight into risk management in our industry.

For full details on the course, download the brochure here, or email

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