Management Training Course in Erbil

WBC was back in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq this summer to deliver management training course in Erbil.

The purpose of the management training course was to help build the leadership and management skills of local supervisors and managers at one of the leading oil and gas companies in the region.  Delegates included staff from the head office, local offices and the field.

A highly interactive management training course!

Attendees needed to understand what a good manager is and does and to look at their role and to identify where and how to improve.

The programme was highly interactive and covered a range of topics from communication, delegation, performance feedback and team-building.

Feedback from delegates included:

“He [the instructor] is very good.”

“Everything was great and effective.”

“There is much more to management and leadership than I thought.”

“Excellent instructor!”

The management training course was given the following ratings be delegates:

Did this course meet your objectives?

Score:1 = No, not at all;10 = Yes, fully

Would you recommend this course to your colleagues?

Score:1 = No, never;10 = Yes, unreservedly


We have written a case study on this management training course and more details can be found here.

Communication was key in this exercise.

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