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Business Intelligence provider The Oil & Gas Year is re-branding as The Energy Year. At WBC,  our leadership programmes have expanded to include renewables, and it’s clear from our current Climate Change survey that many in the industry recognise the future lies in a mix of energy sources and a transition to much more efficient  oil and gas sector that minimises emissions. This view is shared by our partners at The Energy Year, formerly The Oil & Gas Year, who have just announced the re-branding of their Business Intelligence reports.

Managing Partner Gilles Valentin said, “As the world is driven to tackle climate change and adopt sustainable energy solutions, The Oil & Gas Year is changing too in order to inform our global readership in the most objective and comprehensive manner. In 2020, we become The Energy Year.
Over 12 years, The Oil & Gas Year has met more than 10,000 energy executives, experts and policy-makers, and through that time the environment has been a growing concern for them all. Our partners are at work becoming part of the solution, and our reporting must reflect their efforts.”
This rebranding will allow The Energy Year to report on already existing synergies between fossil fuels, renewables and other energy sources, and to showcase the actions companies and governments are taking to propel the energy transition.

The Energy Year series will report on strategies and actions to decarbonise countries’ energy systems, improve companies’ green credentials, develop innovative low-carbon technologies and harness the potential of the world’s abundant renewable energy sources.  Peter Szabadi, COO of The Energy Year, said, “The energy industry is in a state of transition and it is our belief that it is only in co-operation with oil and gas producers and consumers that mankind can make the right changes without increasing the scourge of poverty or doing greater damage to the Earth’s environment.
As always, our content will faithfully report what the actors in the energy industry think and feel about their business. Without judgement, we will expand our content to include renewables and other sources of power generation, and the service, engineering and finance know-how behind them.”

Oil and gas will remain at the core of the company’s agenda as hydrocarbons continue to play a fundamental role in supporting global economic growth and supplying the world’s increasing energy demand while ensuring an efficient transition into low-carbon economies.


For more information please contact Angus@theenergyyear.com


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