Lagos Oil and Gas Training in June

We welcomed delegates from Ecobank, SCB, Century Energy, GNI and Saipem to our 5 Day MBA in Oil and Gas training course in Lagos in June.  Angus Warren, Director of Warren Business Consulting, delivered the long-established course in Victoria Island.  As always, there was lively debate on the course.

There was a passionate discussion about the chances of the Shale revolution in North America being repeated in Europe.  One side argued that high gas prices, reliance on Russian gas and environmental pressure will ensure that shale gas takes off in Europe.  While the other side pointed out severe difficulties including environmental concerns and a complex geology.

There was also a good discussion around the Petroleum Industry Bill and The Nigerian Contant Act, led by guest speaker Adebiyi Adeosun.

All in all, another successful course due in large part to the excellent contribution of our delegates.

My thanks to them all for their wonderful comments and valuable feedback:

“This course remains one of the best courses I have attended. It would clearly influence my decision-making as I now have a deeper understanding of the oil & gas industry.”

“Very impactful and insightful.”

Did this course meet your objectives?

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Would you recommend this course to your colleagues?

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This oil and gas training course was delivered by Angus Warren and the next Lagos course will be held in October. To view the brochure for the 5 Day MBA in Oil and Gas in Lagos, please click here.

To register for the 5 Day MBA in Oil and Gas in Lagos, please click here.

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