KPO Training Course Held in Kazakhstan

WBC delivered Gas, Gas Contracts and Commercial Oil Operations for the Karachaganak Petroleum Operating company in October 2017.  The KPO training course was organised by International Business House*.  The course was held at KPO’s office in Uralsk and was delivered by WBC’s Angus Warren to 12 KPO employees.  The group hailed from diverse functions, with participants from the legal, trading, logistics, marketing, compliance and accounting departments.

Set in a state of the art KPO training room in their brand new office building in Uralsk, delegates were taken on a journey from government policy and granting instruments all the way through to gas supply agreements and oil trading.  At each step of the way the key dynamics of the oil and gas industry and the latest trends were discussed.

The sessions were highly interactive and a set piece PSC negotiation helped delegates to better understand the key commercial points of these important agreements.  Three negotiations took place and in all three agreement was reached on the principal commercial terms.  It was interesting to see how balanced the outcomes were.

We had a good discussion on the role of OPEC in the industry.  Delegates were curious about whether a country such as Kazakhstan should and could aspire to membership of this organisation.

The course finished off with a another negotiation, this time the key commercial terms of a gas supply agreement.  Delegates debated the merits of supply versus depletion contracts and took their positions (as field owner or gas utility company) to their counter-parts to the negotiation.  Volume and pricing mechanism were agreed along with other important terms.

Attendee evaluations of the KPO training course “Gas, Gas Contracts and Commercial Oil Operations”:

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* If you would like to find out more about oil & gas training, including the course held for KPO, or other courses with Warren Business Consulting, please here click or email:  You can find out more about IBH here.

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