Hydrocarbon Man: The Risks, Opportunities and Prospects for Oil & Gas in 2017 and Beyond

WBC’s Angus Warren gave a presentation at The Aster Club’s* spring meeting in London last week.  The talk, entitled “Hydrocarbon Man: The Risks, Opportunities and Prospects for Oil & Gas in 2017 and Beyond” started with an overview of an industry that touches every aspect of modern life from energy, to food, medicines and clothes.  Delegates learned how mankind has become “Hydrocarbon Man”.

But it’s O&G’s contribution to the energy sector that generated the most debate – a sector that is currently undergoing significant, and perhaps even disruptive, change.

In the presentation Angus took delegates on a journey through the oil and gas industry covering topics such as:

  • The industry fundamentals and how it works
  • The latest trends and developments
  • The investor’s perspective and future opportunities

The presentation covered these topics from the perspectives of the various stake holders, including governments, oil and gas companies, service companies and organisations such as OPEC.

There was lively discussion of the ever changing industry dynamics and trends with a focus on the risks and opportunities presented in 2017 .  Disruptive forces such as climate change and accompanying regulations, the rise of renewables, the recent industry downturn and the growing demand for energy were all covered.

* The Aster Club is a private, membership Club for business families who would like to connect, collaborate and build a sustainable family heritage. Innovators, entrepreneurs, industry trailblazers, and social impact advocates comprise its community.

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