First International O&G Contracts Course for WBC

It was a week of firsts: WBC’s first International O&G Contracts course, delivered in Lagos and Mohammad Al-Ramahi delivering his first course as a WBC associate. The International O&G Contracts course had attendees from oil companies and engineering service companies. The course ran in March at excellent facilities provided by Saipem.

Run over 3 days, the course included a specialist talks from Mohammad on oil and gas contracts in Nigeria and considered various key issues relevant to practitioners in the oil and gas contracting area. Delegates enjoyed the practical content of the course and the interactive workshops throughout the three days.

As usual with our courses, the sessions were highly interactive, with everyone participating enthusiastically. All the delegates were focused and contributed to the exercises and case studies of oil and gas contracts and negotiations.

Delegates gave the course full marks on content and delivery – and clearly also developed a good network amongst themselves, something we always aim for on our courses too. Thank you to Mohammad, Saipem and our local partner Richardson Oil and Gas, for making the programme memorable.

Participants commented:

“Now I understand the fine details involved in oil and gas dealings and this will improve my fluency in carrying out gas commercial activities in my company.”

“Great impact on my work.  Learnt to negotiate easy to hard issues.”

“I will be able to pick up a contract, read and understand the clauses, in order to administer it.”

“It has provided me with the foundational knowledge from a legal standpoint as well as improved my contracting knowledge tremendously.”

“Very interesting and useful.”

Attendee evaluations of the “International O&G Contracts”:

Did this course meet your objectives?

Score:1 = No, not at all;10 = Yes, fully


Would you recommend this course to your colleagues?

Score:1 = No, never;10 = Yes, unreservedly


Topics covered during the programme included:

The Role of Contracts in the Oil & Gas Sector
Legal and Administrative Framework for Oil & Gas Operations
Key Issues in Oil & Gas Negotiation Documentation
Key Issues in Upstream Oil & Gas Contracts
Key Issues in Wholesale Product Supply Agreements
Framework for Downstream Operations
Key Issues in Downstream Product Supply Agreements
Understanding the Role of Related Oil & Gas Contracts
Generic Issues
Oil & Gas Contracts with Government and State-owned Enterprises
Dispute Resolution
International Arbitration

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