Energy Logistics Iraq Selects WBC Training Programme

Energy Logistics and Kelkan Contracting of the Kurdistand Region of Iraq, have selected Warren Business Consulting to provide a 3 day training programme.  “Bidding to Win”, will be delivered by Warren Business Consulting associate Alain Desiderato in Sulaymaniyah in late February.

Bidding to Win will introduce staff to an established oilfield sales methodology, applicable throught the sales cycle, from lead identification to bidding and negotiation.  Attendees will work on examples from the work place, adding immediate value to the business.  The following programme is planned:

Day 1 – The Front game: Managing

       Typical customer investment process

       Customer’s motivation

       Customer’s decision process

       Customer’s decision team

       Your SWOT analysis

       Your value proposition

Day 2 – The Mid game – Bidding

       Customer’s procurement process

       Analysis customer’s document

       Bidding process

       Proposal writing

       Proposal presentation

Day 3 – The End game – Negotiating 

       Competitive versus collaborative negotiation

       Preparing for a negotiation meeting

       Running a negotiation meeting

–       Various negotiating tactics

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