Energy Leadership Course in Istanbul

WBC delivered its Leadership in Global Energy course in Istanbul to 7 delegates at the end of August 2019.   Delegates came from the UK, Croatia, Serbia, Iraq and India, representing various parts of the energy business, to attend the programme given by renowned Leadership expert Yanos Michopolous.  The Leadership in Global Energy course in Istanbul focused on the transition from using hard skills – required by managers in planning, organising and operating – to soft skills – required by leaders for driving change, setting direction and inspiring high performance. Through personal and practical examples based on years of experience, Yanos provided a comprehensive understanding of how to be an effective leader, how to make better decisions, and how to build and motivate teams across functions and regions.

Delegates shared many of the same leadership challenges – moving from functional roles to leadership, managing change, developing emotional intelligence, developing and implementing a new strategy, dealing with crises – and these set the agenda for the three days. Through group discussion and Yanos’s own experience – entertainingly illustrated with personal stories – key themes emerged which delegates were able to take back to apply to their own day to day work: the importance of understanding individuals – “it’s not about you, it’s about them”; applying different leadership styles at different times; the ability to manage dilemmas; and many others.

And while many leadership issues are generic across sectors, the case studies and examples – whether from the world of international oil companies or wind turbines, or dealing with government ministries or multiple functions across regions – ensured that it immediately felt relevant to delegates.

Many energy companies have identified leadership skills as a key challenge: the industry is going through rapid change and has traditionally focused more on the “hard skills” required for complex engineering, financial or geological work. Of course these hard skills are still essential, but it’s clear that they are not enough on their own if firms are to succeed in a rapidly changing business.

Feedback from Delegates on Leadership in Global Energy course in Istanbul

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WBC was delighted to return to run this course in Istanbul and we plan to run it again in London and the Middle East: if you would like more information, please contact us  at

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