Corporate Social Responsibility Programme in Kurdistan

WBC was back in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in March to deliver a course in “Corporate Social Responsibility and Holistic Risk Management in O&G Projects” in Erbil.

The aim of the Corporate Social Responsibility course was to provide a customised training programme to selected managers of an oil and gas operator on the concept of holistic community engagement.  Holistic community engagement works on the basis that good neighbours equate to good sustainability and good security.  Delegates included staff from the local office and the field.

Managers and staff needed to be able to implement best practice Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to ensure project sustainability.  The course was specifically designed, developed and delivered for a client that wanted practice guidance on the management of cultural, political and civil society factors.

The programme was highly interactive and covered a range of topics and was structured around the key elements of Corporate Social Responsibility, the so called “5Ps”:

  • People – ethnicity, health and safety, gender and inclusivity: workforce, contractors and suppliers, Invitation to Tender (ITT) requirements, training and monitoring.  Commissioning and operational readiness.
  • Planet – use of water, land, ecosystems and power. Emissions and pollution.
  • Partnerships – engagement with local communities, regional and central government, EPCM and affiliates. Working with government:  legal structures and agreements, role of state security
  • Prosperity – economic and financial consequences of a project.
  • Peace – conflict potential with communities and stakeholders, use and role of private/public security, corruption and ethics and respect for rule of law.

One of the highlights of the course was the final exercise in which delegates tested their new knowledge and skills in a series of dynamic scenarios.  These ranged from a press conference complete with fake news items, stakeholder engagement meetings in which role players attempted to test colleagues’ commitment to ethical best practice and, finally, political tensions resulting from heavy handed public security actions.  The exercise helped to embed key learnings and provided an enjoyable, real life simulation in the 3 day programme.

Testimonials from the Corporate Social Responsibility programme

“Significant impact to practice what I have learned.”

“I will use these principles at work”

“Guides me to do the right thing,”

“I will put into practice what I have learned.”

“The course will add more professionalism.”

“It helps me to see issues with wider eyes.”

Feedback from the Corporate Social Responsibility programme

Did this course meet your objectives?
Score: 1=No, not at all; 10=Yes, fully
Would you recommend this course to your colleagues?
Score: 1=No, never; 10=Yes, unreservedly


We plan to run the Corporate Social Responsibility course on a public basis in 2020.  For further information about this programme see here or email:

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