45 years in Exploration & Development: Looking back to look ahead

45 Years in Oil & Gas Exploration Cover imageWhat can you learn from 45 years in exploration & development? What will happen to our industry in the next 45 years?

Our Chairman, David Finlayson, takes a look back over his career to make some predictions for the future. It’s a personal and provocative view with some terrific pointers for those currently building their careers in our industry. At a time of change and short term volatility, it’s incredibly helpful to step back and remind ourselves of the longer term perspective.

David’s view of the industry in 2059 is optimistic – but not encouraging for those who assume business will revert to “normal” after the current crisis. More than ever, it will be important to understand the strategic issues shaping the business in order to be able to adapt – both on a business level but also on a personal career level.

Read the full paper here.

Please share your own views on the future and David’s conclusions:

We are also grateful to our friends at SAMI Consulting, Ridgeway Partners and Castor & Partners for adding their perspectives on leadership and careers in the industry in the future.



  1. Truly fascinating story covering 200 years of oil from 1859 to 2059. Kudos to the writer for his in-depth involvement with black gold. The oil peak is stated to be from 2025, which is not far away to verify the unfolding of other expectations in sectors like transportation, aviation, lighting, etc. Hope to read this article again in 2025. In short good to know oil will remain longer than forecast made in 1973 when we joined oil industry. Thanks once again for sharing the rich experience.

  2. I must congratulate The author, David for such fine article. As a fellow professional with 40 years in this industry I fully support his version of the past development of our industry and find his prediction of the future of our industry the most realistic amongst all the various scenarios currently presented.

  3. Sincere Congrats to the author!!! It is really a journey through the ups and downs of Oil-Gas Industry–Dr.mookken

  4. Looking 45 years ahead? Why would there still be demand for oil? Fail to build electric vehicles and renewable energy as the way of the future? In the next 45 years? What chances of that?

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