3 Day MBA in London November 2015

In world class facilities in the heart of the City of London, Mark Groves-Gidney, CEO of WBC, delivered WBC’s acclaimed 3 Day MBA in Oil & Gas to a group that included geologists, accountants and credit analysts from a variety of sectors including finance, upstream exploration and higher education.

Set in the context of an industry under pressure, delegates were immersed into the strategic and operational decisions that have to be constantly made by board level executives; decisions that often make or break a company.

Additional contributions from experienced leaders in E&P, and case studies of actual operations, gave delegates deep insight into the many facets of creating and running an oil or gas business. They then had the opportunity to apply the decision making tools and risk analysis methodologies in various exercises.

Group work added a competitive element and promoted innovative and creative thinking behind the investment and commercial development solutions.

David Finlayson, Chairman of WBC, concluded the 3 day session by reviewing the development of shale gas in the US, and then orchestrating a lively debate between delegates on whether Europe would develop its shale gas reserves to the same extent. The result? Probably not – the group felt that in Europe the play was still very much at the exploration stage and that a combination of environmental lobbying and a lack of personal incentives would make the pace of development in Europe a lot slower, even assuming that the resource could prove commercial.

“Amazed at level of knowledge transferred during 3 days”

Did the course meet your objectives
1=not at all, 10 = fully 9.2

Would you recommend the course to your colleagues?
1=No,never, 10=Yes, unreservedly 9.8

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