Oil and Gas Training in Indonesia

Three day oil and gas training course delivered in Jakarta

We welcomed 19 delegates from a Indonesian oil company to a special three day course in Jakarta in August.  Delivered by Colin Marshall, an associate of Warren Business Consulting, the course focused on understanding the key dynamics in the petroleum industry and was based on WBC’s well established “3 Day MBA in Oil and Gas”.

Saka Jakarta MBA Aug 2016 1

Oil and Gas Training in Indonesia

The course was attended by a wide range of delegates that had many functional backgrounds.  The average experience of the class was over 17 years.

Comments from the delegates included:

Big impact, on thinking out of the box, risk assessment, modelling, statistical aspect.”

Saka Jakarta MBA Aug 2016 3

In-House Oil and Gas Training in Jakarta


Did the course meet your objectives?  7.9
1=not at all, 10 = fully

Would you recommend the course to your colleagues?  8.5
1=No,never, 10=Yes, unreservedly


For more information on our upcoming global training courses, please visit our 2016 course calendar here.

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