Oil and Gas Management and Leadership Course Held in London

This oil and  gas management and leadership event in April was held at the offices of io oil & gas consulting in world class facilities at the Shard London,  Angus Warren delivered WBC’s acclaimed 3 Day MBA in Oil & Gas to a group that included participants from Ukraine, Austria, Angola and the U.K.  and from a variety of sectors including oil companies, a services company and consultants.

Set in the context of an industry slowly emerging from a severe and prolonged downturn, delegates were immersed into the strategic and operational decisions that have to be constantly made by board level executives; decisions that often make or break a company.

Contributions were also made by those experienced in oil and gas management, and the use of strategic case studies of actual business scenarios gave delegates deep insights into creating value and running an oil or gas business. They then had the opportunity to apply the techniques and models learned in various group exercises and presentations.

There was much discussion of the value of information in successful E&P companies, particularly the Bayes’ Theorem example used to illustrate this.

WBC’s Bob Laidler led a good discussion on the role of Project Governance in ensuring that projects are completed to time, scope and budget – a very topical oil and gas management issue.

David Finlayson, Chairman of WBC, also made a guest speaker appearance and  reviewed the development of shale gas in the US, and then orchestrated a lively debate between delegates on whether Europe would develop its shale gas reserves to the same extent.

Participants commented:

“Coming from an operations background and now working for an E&P company, gave me the opportunity to better understand the full cycle of the business.”

“Knowing more gave me more motivation to see the small business inside the big picture.”

“I feel more comfortable in the oil & gas sector, not an outsider anymore.”

Attendee evaluations of “The 3 Day MBA in Oil and Gas”:

Did this course meet your objectives?

Score:1 = No, not at all;10 = Yes, fully


Would you recommend this course to your colleagues?

Score:1 = No, never;10 = Yes, unreservedly


If you would like to find out more about oil & gas training with Warren Business Consulting, please here click or email: training@warrenbusinessconsulting.com.

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