Mini MBA in O&G in Erbil – November 2019

We welcomed delegates from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to our Mini MBA in O&G in Erbil training course in November.  Angus Warren, Managing Director of WBC, delivered the long-established course, returning to Erbil for the 7th year.  As always, the course was highly interactive. 

The Mini MBA in O&G in Erbil, November 2019

There was a lively debate about the value of information, as illustrated by Bayes’ Theorem.  “No Luck Oil” let slip to its competitor “We Find Oil” that it’s exploration well was a duster, and that crucial piece of information allowed “We Find Oil” to adjust its bidding strategy to its advantage.  We also had a good discussion about the inter-twinned themes of geopolitics, local politics. economic rent and investment.

The exploration simulation game on Gamblers’ Ruin threw up some interesting results, with some participants running out of funds and others cashing in handsomely.

All in all, another successful oil and gas training course due in large part to the excellent contribution of our delegates from Gulf Keystone Petroleum, DNO, HKN Energy, Petroscope and MNR

My thanks to them all for their nice comments and valuable feedback:

Testimonials for the Mini MBA in O&G in Erbil, November 2019

“It will have a positive impact in many areas like improving decisions, managing risks and uncertainty, in all my work.”

“Boost your thinking and knowledge to know how the oil and gas business is working.”

“I have got a totally new idea regarding the oil and gas business, a new understanding of the oil business.  It has improved my thinking.”

“It has been a fruitful course, with excellent examples to clarify the core of the topics.  I highly recommend to employees from different positions to take the opportunity to attend the course.”

“As a tech person I believe now I have a better understanding of the business and how decisions are made.”

Ratings for the Mini MBA in O&G in Erbil, November 2029

Did this course meet your objectives? Score: 1=No, not at all; 10=Yes, fully
Would you recommend this course to your colleagues? Score: 1=No, never; 10=Yes, unreservedly


The Next Mini MBA in O&G in Erbil, April 2020

Erbil 1The oil and gas training course was delivered by Angus Warren and the next Erbil course will be held in April 2020. To view the brochure for the Mini MBA in Oil and Gas in Erbil, please click here.

To register for the Mini MBA in Oil and Gas in Erbil, please click here.


  1. I come from a non Energy background and now in charge of an oilfield supply company. This training really filled a lot of the knowledge gaps I had about the Oil and Gas business. After this course I felt I have a more compete picture of the oil business. This is essential for my business

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